“I’ve been in several nursing homes before. Two in Florida, but none quite like this,” stated Midge.

Today is a special day for Midge. She is going home. Midge came to us at Signature HealthCARE of Rogersville for rehabilitation.

“I’ll admit, I was quite worried the first day here,” Midge said.  “A 150 bed facility!  I’ll never be waited on. Boy, was I mistaken. I’ve never went longer than five minutes for anything I needed.”

As Midge shared her story with us she asked, “Do you mind if I stand for the photo? I want everyone to see that I can stand on my own.”

Midge said her ability to stand is because of our therapy department and the dedication of her therapist, Wes Christian. With tears in her eyes, Midge shared, “I’m going by to tell the therapy department goodbye. I greatly appreciate Wes and all the staff encouraging me to participate.”

As we finished our conversation, I told Midge goodbye. Her response was, “I’ll be back. Every time my caretaker, Jackie, takes me to town to shop or for groceries, I’m coming here to visit. I’ve found a new home and new friends! And you are welcome to my home anytime.”

Truly, this is the change in long-term care we are trying to achieve!

– Rev. Steve McKinney, Chaplain, SHC of Rogersville

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