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This fall, about 170 Signature residents and caregivers traveled to Branson, Missouri for the annual resident vacation. For a glimpse of the action, check out the video below.

We recently held our Celebration of Life Ceremony to honor our residents who passed from December 2012 – April 2013. The Chaplain began the program by welcoming all guests and opening with prayer. Ecclesiates 3:1-13 was read. Each resident was represented by lighting a candle during this time as family members, residents and staff shared stories about their loved ones. A special song was presented after the lighting of the candles. Annie Galbreath, Quality of Life Director, closed the ceremony with prayer. Refreshments were served and everyone mingled. We had a wonderful turnout with 35 in attendance (14 elders, 17 family members and 4 staff.)

Over the last two months, Elders, staff and volunteers at Signature HealthCARE of Rogersville have been planning, organizing and letting their creative juices flow!

The result…the transformation of an activities room into an awesome, sensory-stimulating Community and Enrichment Center. The Center had 56 visitors on opening day. Elders shared their vision of the Center with others and talked excitedly about all the new opportunities, and classes to be held at the center.

Some classes include computer skills, quilting, scrapbooking, health & fitness, and Spanish classes. Staff were on hand to greet visitors, answer questions and serve refreshments. The Center was filled with energy, empowerment and smiles.

“This is a really great thing that is being done here,” one visitor said.

“Wow, what a fun room,” another remarked, while others asked how they could help.

Many of the visiting family members expressed an interest in volunteering in the Community Center. It was awesome to see all the interaction and to hear all the conversations.

We are truly building relationships and a healthier, stronger community.

– Annie Galbreath, ADC, QOL Director

In a team effort between Tennessee Baptist Disaster Relief, Big Creek Baptist Church, and SHC of Rogersville, our residents are extending their arms of care to children affected by the tornadoes in Oklahoma. The residents prepared four “Buckets for Babies” that include over ten items necessary for babies between the ages of newborn and three months. Big Creek Baptist Church youth also are preparing four buckets and will be picking up those from the residents to deliver to the local Baptist Association office where they will be loaded on an 18-wheeler, and will head for recovery efforts in Oklahoma. A prayer was also led over the buckets after we finished.

Baking Classes:

Nothing says home like the smell of fresh baked cookies or pies cooling in the window. Classes for baking and decorating desserts are being offered twice a month for our residents.

Herbal Recipes:

We recently added herbs to our Sensory Garden at SHC of Rogersville. The smells and sights left our mouths watering for more as delicious possibilities danced through our minds. Residents will have the opportunity twice a month to learn about the different herbs and create dishes using them.

We wrapped up National Nursing Home Week on Friday. Residents enjoyed watching staff compete in games, and all enjoyed the victory celebration that afternoon with snacks and a victory toast (with ginger ale) to all those who competed. A special thanks to all who made this week filled with excitement and fun!

Thursday was exciting as staff and residents dressed in festive Hawaii attire. The luau lasted all day with events filled with dancing, music, food, and games. A good time was had by all the islanders!

Mid-week was the time to show your support of a favorite super hero. Staff and residents enjoyed visits from all-American favorites like Captain America and Spiderman. Some we weren’t sure of their hero names, but they certainly are super in our book! Enjoy!

Tuesday was filled with more excitement as the teams moved outdoors. Residents and staff were excited as they participated in activities that are designed to build confidence and strengthen friendship. These photos will catch you up on the fun!